First Place: BEST 350 - Oleg

BEST 350 - Oleg

restaurant server at Amici30A Italian Kitchen

Residence: United States

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I'm originally from Moldova, but I've been living in the U.S. for the last 8 years. I used a number of strategies throughout the competition that I have learned over the past 3 years from Andrew Aziz of Bear Bull Traders.

I started digging into trading in August 2017. Took some online courses after what went live in January 2018. In 5 months, blew up about 6 small accounts summing 30k USD in losses. Went back to sim since may 2018 until now, still trading in sim to gain experience and confidence. Now after winning this competition, I am thinking of going live again.

What did you learn from the competition? To win a competition you shouldn't be focused on being in first places or win it, instead you should focus on your trading and do the best you can in terms of following rules, risk management and everything else a successful trading requires.

What kind of mistakes did you make? I was still keeping an eye on the ranking leader board which some times made me break my rules just to be first. I think if I wouldn't check that, I would still finish the competition first with less profits but definitely with less riskier trading. Kept my losers over max loss.

Second Place: BEST 372 - Simon

BEST 372 - Simon


Residence: Worcester, U.K.

Strategies Used/Additional Information:I look primarily at technical and fundamental analysis (SEC Filings - Shelf registration & dilution), focusing mainly on short-selling overextended moves (above 30%) without any major pullbacks, with above average volume, and volatility which will provide greater ranges, and improved liquidity. I tend not to short any stock that is up too much on the first day, or else you run the risk of being short-squeezed. If I can I will wait on day 2 for a gap down/panic pop/first red day short. The key is to find entry points that will offer low risk/high reward, risking $1 for every $3 you expect to make, this is achieved by observing support and resistance levels, with great emphasis towards level 2/time & sales for confirmation.

For preparation before the markets open, I like to analyse the company’s filings looking for any short-term debt & operating costs, and how much capital the company needs to run (high burn rate/cash equivalents), especially pharmaceutical stocks as they seem to run on parabolic moves with FDA approval. The key to many of these companies is to find out how many shares they have outstanding, offerings, warrants and convertible notes, basically bonds or corporate debts the company sold to investors and funds when they have tried to raise money. When the note matures, these debts have to be paid, whenever the notes are converted into common stock, this releases more shares into the open market, the stock drops significantly - sign of dilution, and a great opportunity for a short trader to take advantage.

Third Place: BEST 376 - Jaime

BEST 376 - Jaime

Sales Manager

Residence: Chicago, IL

Strategies Used/Additional Information:I’ve been studying the markets and paper trading for about 2 years now. For the competition, I focused on momentum trades off key market levels and reversal trades. I tested strategies for a few weeks leading up to the competition using the DAS Trader replay mode, which I love!

What did you learn from the competition? The competition was a great way to familiarize myself with the DASTRADER platform - It was the closest I came to trading a real account - mentally. I felt the pressure and need to be successful and I was able to work through that psychologically.

What kind of mistakes did you make? Trading outside of my strategy on the final day of the competition and over trading at times throughout the competition.

Did you feel you were successful during this competition?Yes! I was truly excited about my performance and the results were far greater than I expected. I was not shooting for a big PNL or to win the competition. My goal was to be able to display consistency in my trading. I wanted to play the account as realistic as possible for my level of experience.

First Place (Options): BEST 120 - Roberto

BEST 120 - Roberto

Member of the Commercial Community: Global Bolsa (GLBolsa)

Residence: Peru

Strategies Used/Additional Information: Real strategies that I use (and teach my students: Global Bolsa Community, GLBolsa) in my investments in the New York Stock Exchange, based on the study of stock market cycles (Dow Theory) applied to the prices of the stocks. Due to the duration of the competition I used few days trading in stocks, ETFs and Options. Technical Analysis with necessary base of medium and long term uptrend. My preference shares of greater capitalization.

I am Director of Global Bolsa: I have 15 years as an investor in the New York Stock Exchange. I have created the Global Bolsa Community (GLBolsa), made up of all my former students that we invested in the New York Stock Exchange. Our objectives: Fellowship and Profitability.

My Awards:

  • USA: First Place, # 1 Best Trader Competition. NASDAQ- Das Inc., October 2019
  • USA: First Place, # 1 Best Trader Competition. NASDAQ- Das Inc., June 2019
  • PERU: First Place, Stock Market Investment Challenge Lima Stock Exchange 2017.
  • PERU: First Place, Stock Market Investment Challenge Lima Stock Exchange 2009.
  • SPAIN: Member of IEATEC (Spanish Institute of technical and quantitative analysts).
  • I believe that in order to be a good investor, comprehensive training based on basic human virtues is required. A virtuous person with good moral training obtains happiness in the various ventures of his life; therefore they will also have them in their stock investments.

First Place (Stocks): BEST 251- David

BEST 251 - David

20 years Experience in Compliance for a Broker/Dealer and Investment Adviser Firm

Residence: United States

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I started day trading in January 2019 after reading Andrew Aziz’s book “How to Day Trade for a Living”. I am also a member of the Bear Bull Traders community (BBT). For the competition I used technical analysis and momentum strategies on mainly stocks gapping up or down with a news catalyst. In addition, I used the competition to experiment with day trading options and swing trading options on large cap stocks and SPY.

Second Place: BEST 250 - Guy

BEST 250 - Guy

Financial Advistor

Residence: London, England

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I am 25 and a Trainee Financial Adviser living and working in London. I have been interested in financial markets for around 3 years, having first studied Economics at Oxford Brookes University.

My goal for the competion was to test the strategies and knowledge I have acquired over the past couple of years for the first time in a live environment.

I predominantly focused on finding momentum reversals in small cap stocks and the competition provided me with an opportunity to really test my risk management and discipline.

Third Place: BEST 241 - Aju

BEST 241 - Aju

Computer Support Specialist

Residence: United States

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I started trading nearly 2 years ago as a part-time trader and mainly focus on strategies like momentum trading, reversals, etc. I pick stocks for the day using gap up /down scanners and analyze the news behind the move and then mark my technical levels of various support/ resistance from daily/ weekly. And mainly for my entry decisions and exits, I use multiple time frame analysis and level 2 pieces of information at those previously marked technical levels. I wanted to use the BestTrader challenge to simulate my trading style for my real account. So implemented my actual trading setups, risk management, and rules. This Challenge experience was a great tool to know more about the DAS platform and I really appreciate for all supporting and educational information out there.

First Place (Day Trading): BEST 057 - Gustavo

BEST 057 - Gustavo

10 years experience as an Audit/Risk Management and Compliance professional.

Residence: Spain

Strategies Used/Additional Information: My academic background focused on long-term investing, portfolio management, fundamentals, etc. But I’m somewhat skeptical about trusting someone else with my own money long-term, so I decided to take matters in my own hands. So, I started learning about ‘day trading’ two years ago. I had to learn about technical analysis – which by the way should be compulsory in every Finance degree as it’s also part of the overall market. Not sure courses nowadays incorporate it but in my time no professor would mention it.

Since then, I tried the typical route of beginner traders such as penny stocks, indicators trying to look for the holy grail, paid ‘market tuition’, etc. But over the last 6 months I have been concentrating on options and fine tuning my strategy to fit in intraday options trading.

My strategy now is very basic and focus on volume, price action, supply/demand and a bit of tape reading. I have a basked of stocks that I track and trade all the time. These are mainly a mixture of the key economic sectors such as tech and financials.

First Place (Swing Trading): BEST 011 - Robert

BEST 011 - Robert

Business Administrator

Residence: Peru

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I Commercialize in the short term with Call Options, due to the duration of 1 month of the contest. I Prefer values of high market capitalization and SP 500. I used short-term Technical Analysis.

Second Place: BEST 049 - Karthi

BEST 049 - Karthi

15 year's as an engineer in the I.T. industry

Residence: Germany

Strategies Used/Additional Information: I started learning Daytrading by reading Andrew Aziz' Book 'How to Daytrade for a Living''. Decided to take it seriously and joined Andrew's BearBullTraders (BBT) community in Sep 2018 (10 months before). I spent 7 months in DAS Simulator, and went Live in Apr''19 (under PDT rule). I am planning to fund my account fully in July. I wanted use the BestTrader challenge to simulate my Live month. So implemented my actual Trading Rules, Setups and Risk management. Hence I started very slow (small share sizes) in the first week and slowly ramped it up. In the final week, I had 3 max loss days and so I ramped down again. It is all about protecting my capital and not blow out the account. That's what BBT community is all about. The Lead Moderators Andrew, Brian and other moderators teach and encourage Consistent Trading. Like Andrew always says Day trading is a Marathon.

Third Place: BEST 080 - Aaradhana

BEST 080 - Aaradhana

Service Delivery Team Lead for Mimecast, Australia

Residence: Australia

Strategies Used/Additional Information: My education is in information technology but my experience and passion drives me towards finance management. After working for Credit Suisse as a trade floor support analyst, I started reading and getting to know more about trades and equities terms. Later in that year, during my holiday in India, I started reading finance management book. This was the start of a love affair with long- term investing and finance management. Outside of reading and researching I spend many hours fighting with bad guys in cloud space as she works as a Service Delivery team lead for cyber security firm called Mimecast in Australia. I believe in possibilities and not losing your sleep over investments. It’s not just what you earn is important, but how you save by avoiding bad choices and invest long term is equally important to grow your portfolio and wealth over the long term. My strategy is very simple and emphasis on great service driven, future technology, supply/demand stocks and improving emotional intelligence. I really enjoyed and appreciate all DAS ‘s learning videos, support and mainly training discipline tips. This experience was a great confidence booster and leap forward in right direction.

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